A hair bow and a pair of Mary Jane shoes can be added to it.

Other members of the family can make their own bear costumes or rent one.

This can be a fuzzy tanned sweater with tanned pants or leggings.

A headband with bear ears and a tail can be added to the look.

For the whiskers and bear nose, face paint can be used.

The Big Bad Wolf
This character is well-known by plenty in the literary world of fairy tales.
This costume if paired with the Little Red Riding Hood will make a great outfit for couples.
You can also find a costume of the Big Bad Wolf disguised as a grandma in an old-fashioned nightdress and nightcap.
You can employ your creativity with this costume by going for either a funny or scary look.
Alice in Wonderland
This is another good choice for creating that fairytale costume.
This adorable little girl lived a life of adventure coming across different fun characters.
As a group, you can recreate your costumes with this popular literary tale.
You can on your own transform into Alice and then get your group members to dress as Mad Hatter, White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat.
By doing this you have already brought the story to life.
This costume is suitable for both children and adults.
The Three Little Pigs
This is also a suitable representation for a group.
You can dress the little kids as cute pigs.
This can be completed with a tool belt and different fun props to indicate that the pigs worked hard to build their homes.
This costume idea can be suitable for adults too.
Three of them can still dress as The Three Little Pigs and then another one can dress as The Big Bad Wolf.