After the overalls, you will need a red shirt, preferably a long sleeve so that your costume will have a close resemblance to Mario as much as possible.
Notwithstanding, a short sleeve can still do the magic.
The long sleeve shirt and gloves can be found in any local departmental store.
The next thing you need to do is to personalize your hat and give it a finishing touch.
Remember that for your homemade costume, the red cap is the most important part.
To create this special cap you need to get a red hat.
Some rather than buy might prefer to make their own hat, using vinyl or foam, but buying a red plain cap is usually the easiest way.
Then you will create the M on the hat by hand.
To do this you need to cut out a circle that is an approximate size of what would fit in front of the cap.
Then, the next step would be to draw the letter M on the paper.
After that, it is sewn on the cap.
Mind you that this might be time-consuming.
You can save time by using a white felt.
Just cut out an M shape and stick it to the cap.
This works well if you were doing it at last-minute.
Now you have almost everything.
What is left is just the moustache.
If you are in a rush, you can just draw one with a black makeup pencil.
However, if you don’t have the time or feel that your homemade costume may not be as good and attractive as the original costume, you can buy it.

Original costumes can be purchased there with every other thing needed, including accessories.