Super Mario is the fictitious character of the famous Super Mario Brothers video game.
To make the costume you simply need to acquire some blue overalls and a red coloured hat.
The Overalls
They can be made from denim or cotton.
It doesn’t really matter.
If one or the other is available at home, then you might be closer than you think to finish it.
If however, you don’t have any at home, that is still fine; you can easily go to your local departmental store and buy a plain blue overall. 
Once you are done with that, the next thing you need to do is to remove the sleeves.If you prefer to go for the authentic costume you can search online.

To do it you can basically cut the top part so that it will resemble the popular braces worn by Mario and Luigi.
The last thing you will then need to do will be to add those big yellow buttons.
What you probably need to do here is to make two circles of the same size and attach them to the overalls.
It would have consumed only a few minutes.

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For those that want to enjoy the spirit of Halloween, fairytale costumes give them loads of options.
The Little Red Riding Hood
Drawn from your preferred children’s story, this is a good choice when it comes to going for that Halloween party or costume contest.
Both adults and children can make a representation of this famous character in their chosen costume.
There are lots of costumes features that can be found at online stores or speciality shops that focus on children and ladies costumes, over-sized costumes and even the sexy ones.
With this numerous options, anyone can have that whimsical look and at the same time be fun and sexy with that Little Red Riding Hood costume.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Everyone loves the tale of Goldilocks and the three bears. It is not just a childhood favourite, but also a nice idea for a group outfit. It can be suitable for a family of four that can represent all of the characters. The girl or the woman can put on a blonde wig (unless they are blonde) while a baby doll can appear to be Goldilocks.

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